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Like the beautiful colors left in the sky after a storm
good memories fill my mind of lost Loved ones,to keep my Heart warm.

For after many days of sorrow and sadness,Loved ones we've lost got to leave behind the madness..They've gone to a place that fills their heart with joy,
like an infant that's just recieved his first brand new toy..
So when we are hurting and thinking of losing the ones that we love.remember there will be no more hurting when we join them above...

Always keep the good memories close to your heart,and keep making new good memories to leave others when we part......


I wrote this for my Wife who lost Her Mother,GrandMother,and Father in eleven weeks,starting April 18-99,And for myself after losing my GrandFather on 7-3-99. My Mother passed away on Feb. 3rd 2002. She battled Cancer and lost......

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