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Here's how to Clear out your Temporary Internet Files:

Click the "START" Button.
Move Cursor to "SETTINGS" then over to "CONTROL PANEL".
Double Click on the "INTERNET OPTIONS" Icon.
If the "GENERAL" page isn't displayed, Click the "GENERAL" Tab at top of window.
In the middle of the page, Click on the "SETTINGS" Button.
Here you can change the amount of Disc space you want to use for storing the Temp internet files, if you want.
In the new window that opens, Click on the "VIEW FILES" Button.
A new window opens that shows all your Temporary Internet Files. At the top of the window where it shows "FILE" "EDIT" VIEW" etc.., click the "EDIT" Button.
Slide down and Click the "SELECT ALL" button.
Then Click the "FILE" Button, and slide down and Click the "DELETE" button.
A pop-up will appear and ask "are you are sure you want to delete the selected files?", Click "YES" then Close the Temp Internet Files Window.
Then Click "OK" to close the "SETTINGS" window.
Click "OK" to close the "INTERNET PROPERTIES" Window and your done!
Your Computer/Browser should run a little faster now......

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