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Photo Album

This is my Wife Cindi,and me,Mike.I'm 32 here, and Cindi was,(late 20's). The pic was taken in '95.....

Here are some pics of our kids...

This is Jennifer. She was 15 in this pic taken in '99.

This is Jessica. She was 11 in this pic taken in 99'.

This is my Mom and my Son, Jacob. Jake was 6 in this pic taken in 99'. Mom was, (a little older)

This is Jeremy. He was 17 in this pic taken in 99'

Here are some of My Friends I know from the Net...

This is Jake425, {Mike}

He is the First Person I met. A Great Guy !! Check out his
GreatFul~Dead HomePage !!

Another Great Guy, Curtiss, and his Buddy.This Guy runs The Best HTML Help Site on the Net !!Check it out!

New Pics!