Here's some ScreenShots to help you learn how to Attach Pictures in your HotMail to send to friends...... Most Mail accounts will use the same methods to attach images and text files. Obviously the screens will appear different at different mail servers.....

Heres the first place you will go after you log into Hotmail. Look for the COMPOSE Tab near the top of page and Click it.

Now after you've addressed the letter and put in the subject, Click the ATTACHMENTS Button right under the subject box.

Now you will want to Click the BROWSE Button that's mid page on the left. This will open your Computer so you can find the item you want to attach to your mail.

In the window that opens, click on the down arrow at the end of the "Look In" box and look for the appropriate area that has your pictures, like My Documents My Pictures, Or a Folder in your "C" Drive you have pictures stored in, then click on it, Or If the Pics are on a CDROM Disk, Insert the disk, Click the Drive Letter for your CDROM Drive to open the disk and find the pic you want to send.

Now click on the pic you want to send then click on "OPEN"

Now the file you chose is in the box next to "Browse". Click the "ATTACH" Button to the right of the browse box. Then wait till the file loads. Might be a while depending on the size of the file.

Once the file or pic has loaded, it will appear in the box next to the ATTACH button you clicked. Then Click "OK" buton under that box

You will be taken back to the letter you were going to send. The file or pic name will be shown right under the Subjet box next to "Attachments". Finish writing your letter and send it off! That's it!

I hope this little tutorial has helped you. Feel free to save it or send to a friend....... Have a Good One!!! ~ Syx ~
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